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Mediation and trial: Focus on best interests of children

Child custody cases are often very difficult, and it is possible for parents to add to the difficulties. All child custody cases must focus on the best interests of the children involved. This focus sometimes falls to the wayside when parents are working on child custody issues.

Keeping the focus on the children is more difficult than it sounds. You should be prepared to stay on track as you try to work out child custody issues.

Protect your interests when you are going through a divorce

Going through a divorce is a complicated process. It becomes even more difficult if the end of your marriage came as a surprise. Even though it is shocking, you should make sure that you take a few minutes to stop and think about what is going on.

No matter how complex your divorce, you still have ways that you can protect your interests. Think carefully about these points if you are facing a divorce.

6 tips for co-parenting as you go through a divorce

You and your ex-husband are in the midst of a divorce. Because you have children together, you can't just pretend like he doesn't exist. Instead, you have to see him on a regular basis.

You might have a temporary child custody agreement that is in place until the final order is issued. Whether that's the case or not, you can take some steps to make co-parenting your children a bit easier for you and your children. Consider these tips:

5 questions to ask about property during a divorce

When you go through a divorce, you have to make sure that you handle the property division aspect of the case appropriately. You need to make sure that you have a settlement that lets you start your new life off on a solid foundation.

The last thing you need is end up with a property division settlement that causes you stress. Make sure think about these points before making any decisions about the property.

Divorcing fathers: Understand the many types of child custody

When you are getting a divorce, you may have some concerns about your future. More specifically, you're worried about matters of child custody.

It's easy to believe that the court will favor your ex-wife when making child custody decisions. Even so, there are steps you can take to put yourself in better position. This all begins with learning more about the many types of child custody.

Divorce and your business - disputing the value

Whether your divorce is simple or complex, the process is always complicated. It becomes even more so when there is a closely held business involved. Since you and your wife have decided to divorce, an experienced business appraiser will have to value your company.

Knowing what to expect before the process even starts will help to alleviate cost, time, and stress during the divorce proceedings. It may also help you and wife come to a more amicable agreement. An experienced divorce attorney can help guide you through your California divorce. Read further for some of the issues you may need to consider when disputing the value of your business while reaching a divorce agreement.

10 key tips for dividing assets when children aren't involved

For parents with children, the kids become the main focus of the divorce process. This can even impact property division. Who gets the house, for example, may be whoever is going to have physical custody of the kids.

For career-oriented individuals who decided not to have kids, though, property division itself takes center stage. In your 40s or 50s, you have substantial assets. You must know how to split them fairly and protect what's yours. Below are 10 key tips as you go through this process.

How an attorney can help in a high asset divorce

Many times, couples who are trying to amicably and mutually dissolve their marriage may start the divorce process without attorneys. They do this in the hope that they will be able to work together to find a mutually beneficial and agreeable solution to any issues that arise.

However, divorce often brings out strong and negative emotions in otherwise reasonable people. Particularly if you have a lot of assets, from a second home to retirement accounts and valuable collectibles, partnering with an attorney is one of the best ways to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of marital assets.

3 things women should know about divorce in California

You found out that your husband has filed for divorce and now you wonder how you are going to make it on your own. You have lived with his support since your first child was born and haven't been in the workforce since then. Now that you must try to make ends meet, you might feel flustered. Fortunately, you have some protections in California that you might be able to count on.

The right way and the wrong way to change your child support

There are many reasons a person may want to have his or her child support obligation adjusted, but regardless of your motivations, there is a proper and improper way to go about it.

Especially when times get tough, it can be tempting to simply neglect payments, but the courts of California generally do not look favorably on this behavior.


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