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Is co-parenting without conflict possible?

In the aftermath of divorce, figuring out how to move on and parent effectively may prove challenging. Navigating the waters of single parenthood may feel impossible, especially immediately following the split. Co-parenting is the ideal way to raise children after...

Breaking the news of your divorce

It feels very personal when you share the news that your marriage is coming to an end and you and your spouse are filing for divorce. When you are unsure how your loved ones react to this difficult news, it might feel like you can never tell them. To lessen your...

Valuing stock options in a divorce

If you own stock options as a benefit from your employer, your spouse may receive a portion of these options in a divorce. Valuing stock options, which allow you to buy the stock shares at an established price in the future, can be complex. Review the factors that...

What to expect at the custody exchange

Transitioning from romantic partners to parenting partners is difficult for many divorced couples. Some of the most challenging moments may occur during the custody exchange. Custody exchanges, while necessary, can still be difficult. You realize that it is in your...

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